Pain Management Services

Opiate dependency often starts when a person has a genuine need for relief from constant pain. Opiate dependency is a nondiscriminatory drug; people from all backgrounds, cultures and professions struggle with this life-altering dependency. Initially, the need for pain relief is sincere. A tolerance level develops as the body becomes familiar with the drug. Gradually, higher doses are needed to control the pain. Simultaneously, your body develops a dependence on the drug and opiates begin to control your life.

Opiate is no different from other drugs, as the dependency does not develop overnight. The gradual process could ultimately destroy your life. Another factor that makes opiates particularly addictive is they are legal. You can get a prescription from your doctor. This could delay the realization that a problem exists, since you do not feel you are doing anything illicit.

If you have reason to believe that you could have an opiate dependency, we are here to help. Call us in West Palm Beach, Florida at (561) 247-1664 today.

Dependence on opiate drugs makes it more difficult to stop. Additionally, the withdrawal symptoms that occur as you try to overcome the dependency can be dangerous physically. In order to safely deal with the withdrawal symptoms, detoxification programs are necessary.

With a qualified, experienced medical staff, you will have help in dealing with the presence of pain. There are also emotional challenges that require the assistance of experienced therapists.

For some people, the pain that prompted the use of opiates may still exist. The first step in the program is to treat the dependency. The next step is to provide holistic therapies to manage the pain. Others may find that the original pain is gone, but the dependency on opiates continues. It is important for patients to learn how to deal with pain without depending on opiates or other narcotics.

We offer specialized services in pain management techniques without the use of opiates or other narcotics. After you complete the detoxification process, you will also learn these techniques. As with the treatment program for alcohol and drug dependency, the pain management program is designed to fit your needs best.

We have a broad range of services that include exercises, nutrition, acupuncture psychotherapy for pain and EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) therapy.

Anyone is susceptible to a dependence on pain medications. The initial, understandable need for pain relief creates this dependence. Each year, many people become addicted to pain killers. The difficulty in overcoming the dependence is exacerbated by the fear that the pain will come back. This is why we are dedicated to working closely with patients to find non-addictive solutions for managing pain. Controlling your pain translates into controlling your dependency. Controlling your dependency translates into restoring your life.

Do not delay another moment in starting to regain your life. You can call our alcohol and drug detox treatment program at (561) 247-1664 for immediate help.

As you progress through the program, you will also learn about responsibility, respect and self-esteem. These important attributes will help in your successful completion of our program and overcoming opiate dependency.


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